Thursday, September 21, 2006

Journey to Prince Edward Island

Originally uploaded by Tharchinski.

by Mike Smith

Shot a little video of a trip to PEI last weekend.
Come take a short journey with us. And yes I ran into Mr. Jordan over there!

Shot this video with my small Cannon Digital Elph camera. Color is good, and you can't beat the size of it but it is lacking too many features to replace a video camera.

Link to video is here. (2 and 1/2 minutes long).


Carolyn said...

Hi, it was wonderful to be able to watch your short video clip. I am currently planning a trip to the island for next year in June. I am trying to read up on the island as much as I can so I can make the most of the five days I plan to spend there. Omlette looked yummy!

Carolyn Coote said...

Great to be able to view your short video clip. I am planning a trip to the island mid next year and so am reading everyone's blogs about the place. The beach looked awesome!